The Beginning of a New Semester

It has been a while…
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2017! March is here already! Where has the time gone? Check out some ministry highlights below from the past couple of months:

Area leaders met together on January 21 to begin planning for the semester. Bryan and Caryn kicked off a semester of thinking about “Why We YL” encouraging leaders to continue thinking about why they believe they are called to the ministry of YL and the importance of inviting others to “come and see” and spend
a night with Jesus during the week.
Students from Adams, Clay and Penn high schools traveled to Indianapolis together on February 11. They joined hundreds of other YL students at the Raceway Region’s Pacer’s Club. Students were able to watch the game and then participate in YL Club on the Pacer’s floor!
YL at Notre Dame (recent club pictured above) continues to meet on Tuesday evenings. Students from ND, Saint Mary’s, Bethel and other local schools all participate in meetings. Please contact us if you would like to help provide snacks for the college gatherings. The ND team added five new leaders in December and are enjoying their time together.
Clay and Adams clubs met together on Monday. Adults from New City church have surrounded the Clay club in support and an awesome team of moms from Adams continue to support their club. We still need your help! Contact us to hear more about how you can help the clubs in South Bend! Adams and Clay each added two new leaders to their teams in December.
YL at Penn high school continues to grow under Caleb’s leadership. They meet on Monday evenings and also hosted a “Parent’s Night” on February 13 where new parents and adults could learn more about the ministry and how to get involved. Contact usif you are interested in helping the ministry at Penn. The Penn team added two new leaders in December.
High school students from Adams, Clay and Penn will be attending summer camp together at Timber Wolf Lake. The trip will take place from June 28-July 3. To sign up, head to and click on CAMP.
““Come,” Jesus replied, “and you will see.”

So they went and saw where he was staying, and they spent that day with him.”
– John 1:39a

Pray for the leaders in Michiana as they make the important invitation to students of all kinds to
spend some time with Jesus each week.

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