Imagine 3 YL Areas in Michiana

On Saturday, January 23rd, our Committee, Staff, and Team Leaders met together for an afternoon of strategic conversation. We shared about how we’ve seen God mold and shape the foundation of our area and we discussed where God is calling us to go.

We want to reach the 20,000+ adolescents in our community with the saving grace and mercy of God’s ridiculous love for us. We believe that when adolescents are given the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow him, their lives become flooded with meaning and purpose, forgiveness and mercy, faithfulness and love…

Vision was cast. Imagine three areas focused on the three major school systems (South Bend School Corporation, School City of Mishawaka, and Penn Harris Madison), with Staff, Committees, and Leaders specifically focused on reaching kids within these demographics.

Our mission is introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. To accomplish this, it will take laser-sharp focus and grass roots passion. Which community are you passionate about? How can you serve kids in Michiana?



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