YL for Penn, Pt. 2

On Monday, October 19, the crew in the picture above met at St. Mark Missionary Church for the purpose of building community around a vision for Young Life’s impact at Penn and continuing the conversation.  We shared our names, something interesting about ourselves, and why we came to the meeting. We discussed what is unique about Young Life’s approach to kids…

  • “So friendly to everyone. A place that (my kids) could invite anybody… especially someone not quite ready for church.”
  • “Young Life leaders go to where kids are and they don’t speak until they’ve won the right to be heard.”
  • “Awesome blend of fun and faith.”
  • “Young Life is relationships. Leaders love kids in their life and in their junk.”
  • “My son said, ‘he can be himself at Wyld Life.’ YL accepts who they are and where they are.”
  • “Organized Godly chaos. Fun, noise. Slowly filter noise out and start talking about God.”
  • “The Message and focus. Same mission…all over the world.”

We share why there should be a Young Life presence at Penn…

  • “Cuz there are kids there.”
  • “High School age is such an important time. Jesus used YL to introduce me to him.”
  • “Lost kids looking for an identity. Why not show them the true identity.”
  • “Many kids who would love to reach out to their friends but they don’t know how – need a venue to do that.”
  • “Kids are lonely – see that every day.”
  • “Kids need a long-term approach.”
  • “I want some really fun adults to hang out with my kids.”
  • There has to be a bridge. As non-scary as the church is, it can be scary.”
  • “One of the things we are seeing at school. There is a lot of pressure to load up classes. Looking for causes.”

We considered what it would take for more adults from the Penn community to be involved and considered how we might use our gifts to move this forward. We also established the date and purpose of our next meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 30th, from 7-8:30 PM (Location TBD) and we will begin discussing how to begin a Young Life presence at Penn.

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