Praises & Prayer Requests | 8.31.2015

The following are prayer request from Young LIfe Leaders in Michiana. Please pray for them and with them!
“My father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”
-Jesus from John 5:17
Praise that Campaigners has been going well – pray for continued momentum, commitment from girls, and deep interest in reading the Bible
Pray for developing strong community between guys and girls groups from Clay
Pray for more Clay boosters and more parent involvement and interest
Prayers for area: for the couple new potential leaders and their discernment as to whether or not they should lead and that we continue to meet new potential leaders.
Prayers for team/kids: for all the current leaders to dive all in this year and grow closer to each other and for us to really be intentional with our relationships with kids.
Personal prayers: for me to be disciplined and obedient in my personal time with The Lord, schoolwork and time management in general with me being a full time student, on student staff/team leader, and coaching football all happening this fall.
This week I would love prayers for my high school friends as the social aspect of their school year really starts to gain momentum.
Relationships with faculty at Clay and Adams.
Discernment around priorities.
God’s protection from attacks on relationships
I am asking God for FULL HOUSE on the evening of Oct. 6th
For more leaders for Schmucker Wyldlife

For good fellowship with campaigner kids this week

For more faith in my walk with God

First Clay YL club hangout tonight

For one of my high school friends to know that even when no one shows him love at home, that he is still loved by the creator of the universe
Personally, for confidence and strength going into an intimidating week.

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