“Truly the Best Week” | Quotes from Timber Wolf

The following are quotes from South Bend High School students who are part of Young Life at Adams and Clay. The went to YL’s Timber Wolf Lake (www.timberwolf.younglife.org) July 7-12.

“This week of camp was truly the best week of my life.”

“Not only was it a lot of fun, I was able to gain a relationship back with God. I am finally able to become happy and fulfilled again! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to reconnect with God.”

“Our week was like a dream. I have never been in an environment so devoted to Christ and I cannot wait to take a little bit of that environment home with me in my heart.”

“This was literally the best week of my life. No doubt.”

“This week has been amazing. I’ve never thought I would have a good time at camp. I’ve learned so much about Christ, and I’ve lost all my fears.”

“I got to experience some wonderful rides, foods, and find a Father that truly loves me. I got to meet a lot of people, but the best was getting to know God.”

“Through zip lines, and giant swings, to go carts and tubing, I have enjoyed probably the best week of my life. Through Young Life and cabin/club time, I am reborn in Christ.”

“Everyone was right. This was the best week of my life. All the various activities were fun, but I loved Club and the talks which, helped me get closer to the Lord.”

“I had fun being able to go on the rides and heard the word of the Lord. This week was able to make me a better person.”

“I learned that God understands and is forgiving, also that I shouldn’t leave the same way I came. This week I feel like I was able to get closer to God and build a better bond.”

“I had so much fun at camp and enjoyed every moment! My relationship with God and my new friendships that were made were life changing.”

“We got to do so many fun activities like the high ropes course, and giant swing and tubing, along with so much more. We had so many opportunities to make friends that are on a journey to discover and learn about Jesus.”

“I met so many great people and really grew in my journey with God! It is a week I will never forget!”


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