Progress & Prayer Requests

On Tuesday, some of our Leaders and Committee met together to share and celebrate the ways we have seen God move our ministry forward in the past year and what our prayer request are for the upcoming season and next school year. We also celebrated the ministry of Leaders who have led for at least two years and those who are moving on to new places. Here is a snapshot of what was shared.

God’s Progress and Providence in the past year:

  • 37 kids on the bus going to camp (high school)
  • New Donors
  • Better relationships with the schools we serve (ability to have a presence)
  • Real Young Life Club happening!
  • A faith in our ability to try new things
  • Kids that keep coming back to Club and Campaigners
  • Enjoying our time together as a Young Life Community
  • Successful Clubs at Clay, Adams, Schmucker, and Notre Dame
  • Great team relationships and support of each other within the teams
  • Isaac Wappes (Clay Leader) and his commitment as a track coach
  • Being present at Adams High School multiple times throughout the week
  • Bi-weekly leadership & Leader community growing
  • Caryn Schierbeek and her leadership in the area
  • Mike Lubben and his leadership at Schmucker
  • Opening doors for kids at Schmucker
  • Team relationships and community
  • Deep relationships with kids
  • Deeper relationships with kids and parents
  • Our Camp process and the number of kids attending
  • How everyone works together in ministry and not alone

Prayer Requests for the coming season and next school year

  • Jesus will always remain our main focus
  • For us as leaders to press into the Lord in our own relationships with Him so that we may grow
  • More local adult leaders – volunteer leaders from our community
  • For Christian kids to connect and reach out
  • For Young Life to start in Mishawaka schools
  • Moving from words to actions
  • Healing families of kids we know
  • More female leaders
  • $9000 in campership money
  • Continuing relationships with our Wyld Life 7th graders
  • Christians of all ages to not be ashamed of the Gospel
  • Fall Fundraising event
  • Boldness and the wisdom to reach out to new and more kids
  • Healing families of the kids we know
  • Connect kids and families to the Church
  • That God might be known in all of our schools

And a special prayer request for Mike Voge, Joey Leonard, and Anthony Sanchez for their futures beyond Michiana. And for Katie Finley, Katie Heussman, Ryanne Corder, Katelyn Whelan, and Cooper Cohen who have accomplish over two years of ministry with us…that their relationships and ministry with the kids they know will continue!

Please join us in celebrating what God is doing in our ministry and praying with us for the visions He has given us!

Some of our leaders who were present on Tuesday night.

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