Prayer Murmurings | 11.21.2014

Prayer Requests Overheard in Michiana…

THE BIG THREE: 1) Local Adult Leaders, 2) Transition for College Fellowship, and 3) Additional $5,000/month in funding.

“Team Leaders, any prayer requests for the upcoming week?”


“Definitely for some of our leaders who are really stressed about the end of the year stuff. And for finishing the semester well with kids – in terms of setting really strong foundations for communicating over break and going into next semester.”

“Ditto for stressed out leaders. Also for leaders to have the courage to begin moving new relationships to the next steps. Prayer of thanks for our time with the Meyer’s and Dehorn’s. Prayers for encouragement through team transitions and school transitions that we can all remain focused on the calling to love kids well.”

“Prayers for our teams…that we will continue to grow as a team and grow closer to each other, but to also push and challenge and encourage each other in taking more responsibilities. Just really answering our calls to this ministry.”

“We’re trying to put more effort into hanging with kids outside of program stuff, so that kids are receptive to that and that we handle getting blown off well.”

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