All-Area Club

All Area 2014

On the first Monday of every month, Adams and Clay Young Life Leaders pull their high school friends together and have All-Area Club. It’s an evening where relationships can grow and kids have the opportunity to hear about who Jesus is. They eat together, have fun together, and grab a few minutes to reflect on life and God’s love for them.

In October, Caryn Schierbeek shared about Zacchaeus’ encounter with Jesus. She showed how Jesus pursued him even though he wasn’t a “good guy” and how Zacchaeus’ life was transformed from being a taker to a giver.

In November, Chris Dant shared about Jesus encounter with a rich man who wanted to know how to acquire eternal life. Chris showed how the rich young ruler was looking in all the wrong places and how we do the same. We try to find life apart from God, who is the source of life.

It’s amazing to see how kids want to know about who God is. And it’s through their relationships with their leaders and the leaders continuous ability to speak the “good news” of Jesus into their lives that you begin to see transformation, much like the ones who encountered Jesus.

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