October Update from Notre Dame College Fellowship

From Robby Kiley, Mission Staff


Happy October! Ministry is off and running for us here at YL College. We’ve had four meetings with our new set of students so far, and we’re excited to begin new leader training with some of these students after fall break (training begins on October 29th). Our hope is to place a new batch of leaders at our clubs at Clay, Adams and Schmucker Middle School by the beginning of December!
In the mean time, we’ve continued our semester-long exploration of what prayer means and how we do it in a college environment. So far, we’ve spoken about prayer broadly as relationship, “remembering,” and introduced some common disciplines people use around prayer. We’ve also talked about prayer in the midst of suffering and last week we introduced the prayer of awareness – the examen. This week, we’ll be looking at a little essay by Fr. Hesburgh and talking about prayer and service. I’m excited to see how this impacts the faith lives of our college friends!
We’ve been blessed with a great space to gather in ColeMan Morse (the campus ministry building) and we are beginning to have more and more leaders come around our ministry. We are hopeful that we can add some female leaders soon. Between this week and last, we will have had three potential female leaders come to visit club. Please be praying for their discernment and keep praying for people to come alongside our ministry! We want to keep doing great work with students at SMC and Notre Dame!
I’ve attached a few photos from our most recent club, featuring a few of our friends engaging in an oreo stacking contest. Please keep praying for the 40 plus new students we’ve met this year at one of our clubs, as well as the many relationships we’ve built over our previous two years of ministry as YL college. We’re excited to continue building up leaders at Notre Dame while offering faith, fun, and fellowship. Thanks for being a part of what we do! Your prayer and support are deeply appreciated!
In Christ,

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