Notre Dame Fellowship Update


Welcome back to another year of Young Life College! Thank you for all your prayers and support over the summer  – we just kicked off our first meeting of the year last night and we can’t me more thrilled to be entering into a new year of ministry. Last night was our  first meeting we had 31 folks present! The breakdown follows:
Leaders: Robby, Bryan, Clyde, Mike
Returners: Max, Olivia, Andrew, Paul
First-Timers: Bridget (Welsh Fam), Gemma (SMC), Joan (SMC), Teresa (SMC), Katie (Cavanaugh), Megan (Cavanaugh), Isaiah (Morrisey), Christian (PW), Shelia (Lyons), Sarah (Cavanaugh), Carly (Farley), Jordan (Fisher), Hannah (McGlinn), Kayla (SMC), Alex (SMC), Colleen (SMC), Caroline (SMC), Heather (Welsh Fam), John Pablo (Sorin), Claire (Badin), Jackie (PW),  Andres (FIsher), Emily (Walsh)
Two things become clear from that list: 1) God is good! We went from not having a table at Activities Night* (story below) to an opening club with 31 folks. And we have plenty of returners we hope will join us in the future as well. 2) We need at least two female leaders – one to follow up with the eight SMC girls that joined us and one to hang out with our ND ladies. Please pray for us to encounter these folks!
*Okay, here is the activities night story as promised: due to a paperwork sanfu at the end of last year, we were not registered for a spot at activities night. I showed up at Activities Night an hour early and was ready to go, only to find up we didn’t have a table. Luckily, we were able to jump on the wait list, and we were one of the last two groups able to get in and get a table. Even better, this meant that instead of being stuck in the back of the Joyce Center where we usually are located, we got a spot in the first row, leading to our biggest activities night sign-up ever: 120 students! God is good! We are especially thankful to our YL College committee rep, Debbie Brown, who found us that night and took some time out of her practice schedule to pray for us.
We’re very exited to keep rocking with YL College. Please pray for all of our new friends from last night – as we speak, our leaders are doing follow up with these students to check in and try to build relationships. Thanks for being a part of thi ministry with us!
In Christ,

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