Regional Leadership Weekend | 17 From Michiana!!

Last year four of our leaders attended the Regional Leadership Weekend at Young Life’s Timber Wolf Lake in Lake City, Michigan. This year, Michiana brought 17 leaders! This weekend is crucial to team building and vision casting. To have 17 attend from our area is miraculous and exciting. When asked what this weekend meant to our leaders, here are some of the responses they gave…

“Leadership weekend was food for the soul. It reminded me why I was called to youth ministry.” -Stephanie, Schmucker Middle Leader

“Leadership weekend was an awesome opportunity to hang out with my team and to learn from experienced Young Life Staff what it looks like to lead kids to Jesus. And just being back at Timber Wolf was amazing because it reminded me of the awesome experience I had on Summer Staff.” -Isaac, Clay High Leader

“A great time to plan with the team and have a good time.” -Ryanne, Clay Leader

“Mind opening. Liberating.” -Andrew, Schmucker Middle Leader

“I learned to lead by following first and the importance of admitting your brokenness to others and not trying to pretend you are perfect and have it all together.” -Shealie, Schmucker Middle Leader

“Building meaningful relationships and community. Getting away and relaxing while getting spiritually recharged.” -Brent, Friend of YL Michiana

“Leadership weekend meant quality time with my team.” -Caryn, Staff Associate II

Leadership weekend was a time to bond with other leaders, and also focus my heart and mind for ministry through dialogue and prayer.” -Mike, Friend of YL Michiana

“It was a time to grow together as a person, as a team, and as an area.” -Olivia, Schmucker Middle Leader

“To me, first and foremost it was a chance to grow in every aspect of my ministry. It allowed me to spend intentional, quality time with my team, the speaker gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader, and most importantly it gave me much needed time to re-evaluate and grow in my relationship with Christ.” -Max, Adams High Leader

“It was the perfect setting for team development. A perfect time just to be together.” -Olivia, Schmucker Middle Leader

“It provided a good opportunity to bond with my team.” -Katie, Clay High Leader

Below: A few pictures from the weekend…

10603449_699506063476219_4055107736626114064_n 10659147_699506076809551_8754838150188158215_n

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