Connecting at Adams high

Greetings friends!

Yesterday was a the first day of school for Adams. (Today is Clay’s first day since they were without power yesterday.) I was connected to Kelly Morgan who works with JAG (Jobs for American Graduates 
Kelly teaches 5 JAG classes a day at Adams to high-risk students. She and I have decided to partner together this year and work together to mentor these students. So far it has been a great opportunity for me to be in the school/classroom for extended periods of time. She also has two additional teachers who help her and I had the opportunity to meet the SB faculty member who runs alternative classes at Adams HS and Riley. I really feel God is at work laying important ground work for the future of this ministry, and I’m very excited about having the opportunity to be connected to these community adults. 
In other news:
 – Campaigners will now be held at school in the JAG classroom before classes begin on Thursday mornings. 
 – We will be having Club beginning Sept. 8th on Monday evenings.
I’m grateful for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for our team of leaders as we are still in transition
Below: The Adams YL Team

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