Quotes from Timber Wolf 2014


“I zip-lined, I did the blob, the swing, the rope swing, tubed, the robes course, and played lots of volleyball. Also, Kelsi’s talks really helped me understand everything. This week helped me grow through Jesus!”

“I was glad to be able to escape my crazy life for a week and just be reminded that I’m loved.”

“Camp was one of the best weeks of my life for sure!”

“It was the greatest week of my life.”

“It was fun and spiritually amazing!”

“I loved my new friends and it made me realize how much I love God!”

“We had a lot of deep conversations about God and each other! It was a very fun, safe environment to be in these past few days. I am incredibly grateful!”

“Young Life has changed my life. I decided to reconnect my life with God and follow his path.”

“I have decided to stand up for God for the first time in my life and this week has changed my life!”

“It was seriously the best week of my life! It helped me realize the relationship I have with God and it helped me grow in my relationship with him also!”



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