Praises & Prayer Requests | 4.21.2014


Please pray for Young Life of Michiana this week.

  • Pray for ministry this week: Adams’ Campaigners tonight, Clay’s Campaigners tonight, Notre Dame’s Fellowship on Tuesday night, Bible Study for our Guy leaders on Wednesday morning, Adams’ Bagel Breakfast on Thursday morning, Schmucker’s Club on Friday. Also pray for Contact Work this week for all ministries.
  • Pray for meetings this week: Ministry Team Meetings, Team Leader Meeting on Wednesday morning and Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday morning.
  • Pray for Caryn & Brent Schierbeek who are moving to the area this week. Caryn will be full-time with us beginning May 1st. Pray for the Lord to provide people to help them move in.
  • Pray for our camp trips this summer. We have 33 kids planning to go to camp. Pray that God will sustain this desire and protect them from conflicts.
  • Pray for our Golf Planning Team as they plan our Summer Golf Event/Fundraiser. Pray for wisdom and creativity as they plan a fun event to help raise money for YL Michiana.
  • Pray for John Ferguson, Youth Pastor at Trinity E-Free. One of his kids was shot and killed riding his bike last week. Pray for John and his youth group as they navigate this tragic death together.
  • Pray for Chris Dant, one of our leaders who had his laptop stolen. He is a grad student at Notre Dame. His computer contained a lot of hard work that he will have to redo.

Thanks for your prayers!

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