A College Fellowship Update from Robby Kiley

Hello friends, and happy almost-April!

It is hard to believe, but we are down to our final month of ministry before our students leave for the summer. Please pray for us as we continue to meet new students and help our current friends grow in their faith! Here are a few things we are excited about during our final month of ministry:
*We currently have 7 folks signed up to travel to Chicago on the weekend of April 11-13 to participate in the Young Life Student Staff Weekend, and several more folks we are still working on! Last year, we did not have any students attend the weekend, so it is VERY exciting to be bringing so many folks to this conference – its a great way to get our students more involved in ministry!
*Last month I mentioned that we were trying to introduce an “Adopt-A-Leader” program after our Strategic Planning meeting. Caryn Ellison, our TDS Chair, has taken this charge and run with it, and all but one of our leaders has been “adopted” by folks in the ND community. We hope this will lead to more boosters for our ministry!
*We are beginning to look at next year and begin the process of recruiting new team leaders as three of our current leaders will graduate in May. Please pray for individuals to feel the call to be involved in this ministry, especially for conversations with a few of our potential leaders.
*Finally, on a personal note, I have just started as an Assistant Rector (hall director) at one of the ND residence halls (Zahm), and will continue in that role at another dorm next year (Duncan Hall). Please pray for my ability to give my time fully to those communities while also continuing to grow the YL community!
Hope you all enjoy the (hopefully) warmer weather coming soon, and have a happy Easter! Blessings!

We love because He first loved us. – 1 John 4:19

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