Praises & Prayer Requests | 3.24.2014


Please pray for Young Life in Michiana this week!

  • Pray for CAMP! We have a list of 71 kids we are praying for to go to camp with us this summer. Please pray with us for them. Camp is such a great opportunity for our leaders to get to know kids better.
  • Pray for Clay’s Campaigners tonight.
  • We are training 5 potential leaders tonight. Pray for clarity for each of them as they discern God’s calling.
  • Pray for Katelyn Whelan as she meets with Adams Campaigners girls tonight.
  • Pray for Notre Dame Fellowship on Tuesday. Pray for new leaders to join this team!
  • Pray for our Committee Meeting on Wednesday night – The Committee is the backbone of our ministry. Pray for us as we continue to lead this ministry into the future!
  • Pray for Adams Bagel Breakfast on Thursday morning.
  • Pray for the Schmucker Team. They are meeting on Thursday night.
  • We need adults in each of our ministry communities to support us. Pray for the development of our YL Booster Teams.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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