Introducing Caryn Schierbeek!


We were looking to strengthen our ministries at Adams and Clay High Schools and have found the person to help us do this! On May 1st, Caryn Schierbeek will join the Young Life Michiana Staff as a Full-time Staff Associate II. In her first year, she will serve as the Team Leader at Adams and mentor the team at Clay High School. While modeling relational ministry with kids, she will oversee the four C’s of Young Life: Contact Work, Club, Camp, and Campaigners. Her age and previous experience make her the perfect person to develop and grow our volunteer leaders, many of whom are college students. In her second year, her responsibilities will shift even more to the recruitment and development of her volunteer leaders. Caryn will actively work to connect parents and school faculty to the ministry, as well as yearly raise $15,000 of her budgeted position.


Since she graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration, Caryn Schierbeek has been balancing a life in business and in ministry. While making her way up the ladder in a professional recruitment company, Caryn has been involved in church ministry and in Young Life where she started a multi-cultural middle school ministry in the Kalamazoo Public Schools. Even with her success in the business world, Caryn has been blessed with a love for teenagers and a desire for them to know Jesus Christ. With her unique talents of relating to kids, God has made her calling clear to her. She has been called to reach kids through the mission of Young Life and to focus on this ministry full-time.
Caryn married Brent Schierbeek in December of 2013 and will be joining the Young Life Michiana team as a Staff Associate II on May 1, 2014.

Please keep Caryn and Brent in your prayers as they prepare for these transitions in their lives!

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