Update Katie Finley, Clay Team Leader

Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know about some really cool things that have happened in our ministry in Clay.
A bunch of us just got back from holding the doors for the kids at Clay as they walked into school in the morning.  It was great!  We totally didn’t know what to expect walking in, but we saw a handful of kids we knew and also got to interact with a bunch more.  A lot of the kids looked genuinely happy to see us there, wishing them a ‘happy Friday’, even though they had no idea who we were :). Also, yesterday a bunch of us went to lunch and it was really cool because we got to talk with and meet some new kids, and also got to talk to a couple guys that Katie and I hadn’t seen since meeting them at lunch last spring (!).  Also last night a bunch of the leaders took kids out to froyo and we had at least a few newbies and got to meet one mom before picking her daughter up who seemed really interested in what we do – definitely one of the first for our Clay group :).  Also, on Sunday the Kagarises had a bunch of the leaders over for dinner/hangout, and we all had a great time getting to spend some more time together!  And tonight we’re versing the Adams leaders in a basketball game (in which Clay will be victorious of course…) before heading to the high school Clay vs. Adams basketball!!
Anyways, God has just been doing some *really* cool stuff in our ministry, and I wanted to tell you guys about it!  I also wanted to say, again, thank you all *so* much for everything you do to help us – we definitely could not do it without you!  Have a great day!
Katie (In the middle below)
I received this email from Katie today.  The Clay Team is doing a great job of building relationships with kids and winning the right to be heard! -Brad Sytsma, Area Director

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