Praises & Prayer Requests | 2.10.2014


Please pray for YL MIchiana this week as we share Christ with kids…

  • Pray for Adams Bagel Club on Thursday morning. Continued relationships within the team and with kids.
  • Pray for Clay Campaigners tonight! “Safety as kids and leaders drive to and from.” That everyone will be there that needs to be.
  • Pray for Notre Dame. Young Life College is back tomorrow! They are 90% sure they will be in Lewis Hall. Pray for the location to work out well!
  • Pray for Schmucker. “Pray for all the kids that went with us this weekend that their faith may continue to grow and that they may feel God’s love all around them.” And pray that the leaders “won’t forget the things that happened this weekend” as at least one of our kids accepted Christ.
  • Pray for our Committee, Booster Chairs, and Team Leaders as we try to reschedule our strategic planning meeting that was cut short by weather.
  • Pray for our Summer Camp Trips! Pray for deposits to be in by March 25th!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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