An Update from Robby Kiley, Mission Staff at Notre Dame

Hello Friends, and happy almost-February!

Here in South Bend, we just celebrated the first two snow days I’ve ever had at Notre Dame – and even then, they only happened because the county declared a state of emergency and made it illegal to drive. If that hadn’t happened, it doubtless would have been business as usual at Notre Dame.
We are just now beginning our new semester of ministry, but here are a few highlights so far:

*Our College team was able to come together and complete a SWOT analysis last week, which will lead in to our Area-Wide strategic planning this weekend. Please pray for us as we take steps to work on the following action steps we’ve identified: 
1) increasing our SAO (student activities office) club involvement and encouraging students to take leadership roles
2) Recruit and train new leaders – each leader should seek to “replace themselves”
3) Find other venues for community building, including pre-club dinners at booster homes
*We just got back from a weekend retreat with all of our Adams, Clay and Schmucker leaders. I’ve attached a picture of all of our leaders, but it was amazing to see the Gate’s home filled with college students again. We’re so excited for the new leaders that we placed, and they had an amazing weekend getting to know their teams and to plan and pray with them.
*We have another opportunity to use the Gate’s home on February 21-22 to host college students, so please pray for this opportunity for community building and outreach. Almost every student that came this past weekend was excited to return!
*Finally, our first club of the year for YLC is Tuesday, February 11th. Please pray for us and for our ability to find a meeting room for our weekly events – right now we’re looking at meeting in one of the dorms (Ryan Hall), but we’re still exploring options.
In the midst of the polar vortex, please say warm and don’t be a stranger! Thanks for your friendship and for your prayers!

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