Praises & Prayer Requests | 01.20.14

“Effective Young Life leaders will be vulnerable and honest, not trying to be someone he or she is not. They will not be afraid of being ordinary. They will proclaim the gospel as those who have “won the right to be heard.” – Bob Mitchell


Please pray for us this week as we continue to “win the right to be heard” by kids in Michiana.

  • Pray for Clay Campaigners tonight.  They had close to 20 kids last week!
  • Pray for meeting space for YL at Notre Dame, their first event after the break with students tomorrow, and provision for new leaders.
  • Pray for our Committee Meeting on Wednesday night as we work to follow the Lord’s provision for our ministries.
  • Pray for Adams Bagel Club on Thursday morning!
  • We have an area leadership retreat this weekend (Friday-Saturday). Pray for safe travels, great planning, and great fellowship!

Thanks for your prayers and support!!

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