Praises & Prayer Requests | 1.13.2014

“The future of humanity lies in the hands of those strong enough to give future generations reasons for living, and for hoping!” -Statement from Vatican II


Please pray for Young Life of Michiana this week!

  • Pray for all of our leaders who are back from break at Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Bethel College.
  • Specifically for Adams: Bagels on Thursday.  And “for a great start to the new year for the leaders and the kids.”
  • Specifically for Clay: For Campaigners tonight.  And “that our whole new team will really gel and continue to feel like a group of friends doing ministry together. And for us to really break through in finding new ways to reach kids (esp using our larger numbers). Thanks!”
  • Specifically for Notre Dame: “For returning leaders, esp freshmen and for our team to get back and running.”
  • Specifically for Schmucker: “For the 18 kids who came to game night on Friday, our new leaders and sign-ups for the upcoming Winter Weekend (Feb 7-9).”

Thanks for your prayer and support!!

2 thoughts on “Praises & Prayer Requests | 1.13.2014

    1. Clay Campaigners went well. We must have had about 30 , including leaders! It was great. We had a girl from Berlin with us who is very involved, no it is her life, in street ministry. I would love to have her tell “her story” one Monday night before she goes back. Thanks for praying! Karen

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