College Fellowship Update from Robby Kiley!


Dear friends,

Happy New Year to you all! Sorry I didn’t end an update in December, but we’ve had a busy month here in South Bend. Here are a few highlights from our November & December:
*We trained and placed 15 new leaders, sending folks to Clay & Adams high school and Schmucker Middle School, and adding one new leader to our college team as well. We had the opportunity to interview each one of them during the first week of December, and we’re so excited for them to join their teams and do awesome ministry.
*We continued to average right around 20 students each week at our club, and we wrapped up our semester-long study on prayer. We will have a team retreat on January 24-25 to plan out our the next semester, but we are excited to keep helping our students grow in their faith, and we’ve been pleased that we continue to meet new folks as the year goes along!
*In a big answer to prayer, we received a $2,000+ grant thanks to a donor-matching program through Young Life College. Thanks to the generous contributions from family of our current college students, we were able to qualify for this program. Looks like we can afford to buy name brand Oreos now – no more hydrox cookies for us!

We hope you will continue to pray for our ministry, and for the fifteen new leaders we placed. Their names and their assignments are listed below:
Max Langer – Adams
Grant Weber – Adams
Sarah Peller – Adams
Ryan Gannett – Adams
Megan Garcia – Adams
Kristina Miller – Adams
Ann Anosike – College YL
Olivia Jackson – Schmucker
Andrew Roberts – Schmucker
Abby Palombaro – Schmucker
Stephanie Villareal – Schmucker
Shealie Jenkins – Schmucker
Isabel Piechowicz – Clay
Taylor Sears – Clay
Issac Wappes – Clay
Have a happy new year and don’t be a stranger! Thanks for your friendship and for your prayers!

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