Praises & Prayer Requests | December 16, 2013


Please join us in praying for Young Life in Michiana this week!

We are so grateful for the 15 new leaders the Lord has blessed us with.  We now have 10 leaders at Adams, 10 leaders at Clay, 8 leaders at Schmucker, and 5 leaders at Notre Dame.  Please pray for these new leaders as they acclimate with their teams.

New leaders at Adams: Grant, Isabel, Max, Megan, Ryan, & Sarah.

New leaders at Clay: Isaac, Kristina, & Taylor.

New leader at Notre Dame: Ann

New leaders at Schmucker: Abby, Andrew, Olivia, Shealie, & Stephanie.

Most of our leaders are in the midst of exams this week at Bethel, Notre Dame, and St. Mary’s.  Please pray for the peace of Christ to be with them as they study and take exams.

We ask that you pray for our leaders over the Christmas break as well.  May they return to us in mid-January refreshed from time with family and friends.

Thanks for your prayers!

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