Praises & Prayer Requests | 9/9/2013


Hope all is well with you!

Please join us in praising God for what he is doing in our ministry and praying for our needs.

  • Last night we had 43 Committee, Leaders, Boosters, Friends of YL, and children together at the Nagle’s for our All-Area Fellowship.  We broke bread, shared, heard from Scripture, prayed, and had fun! (Acts 2:42-47).
  • Last Tuesday night, the College Fellowship team had 81 Notre Dame Students stop by their table.  Tomorrow night kicks off Notre Dame’s College Fellowship.  Please pray for Robby Kiley, Jarrett Knight, Alexa Aragon, and Maura Jones as they lead the students who show up.
  • Last Wednesday, Brad Sytsma and Robby Kiley visited Bethel College for their Activivities Chapel.  Brad shared a snippet of what Young Life is at Chapel and around 15 students stopped by the table.  We currently have no Bethel students serving as Young Life Leaders.  Pray that this time would bear fruit.
  • Last Thursday, Adams began their Bagel Breakfast Club at the Meyer’s home.  Around 25 kids hung out, ate bagels, and heard from Joey Leonard, one of the Adams Leaders.  Pray for Bagel Breakast as it continues this Thursday.
  • Last Monday, the Clay team met with kids for Campaigners.  They had a small group, but a great time.  On Thursday, the team visited lunch together at school and had a great time connecting with kids.  Please pray for them on Monday nights as the continue Campaigners.  Pray for them on Thursdays as they visit kids at school.
  • Last Friday, Wyld Life kicked off at Schmucker Middle School.  8 girls and 2 guys from Schmucker enjoyed hearing about what Wyld Life is, playing games like Ghost in the Graveyard, roasting marshmallows, and more!  Pray for the leaders as they continue to get to know kids and pray for their next Wyld Life Party on September 27th!
  • Pray for New Leader Training beginning this Thursday for fast-track candidates.  We currently are planning on at least 3 trainees.  Our first meeting is at Barnaby’s on Grape and Edison at 7 PM this Thursday.
  • Pray for the Regional Leadership Weekend at Timber Wolf Lake this coming weekend. Pray for the 5-6 leaders who will be attending from Michiana.  Pray for a Spirit-filled weekend!

There is a lot going on!  Keep praying!  This is the Lord’s work that we get to be a part of and we need your prayers!


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