Wyld Life at Schmucker Middle School?


There is a desire for a Wyld Life (Young Life for Middle Schoolers) presence at Schmucker Middle School and we are responding to it. Current parents, future parents, kids, and a few church leaders have all agreed that they would like to see a Young Life presence at Schmucker Middle School.  So, we are responding to this desire.

What does that mean?  It means we are continuing to work on building support for this ministry.  Young Life doesn’t just start at a school because we want to.  We start at a school because the community desires our presence.  So, we need parents, faculty, and church leaders within the community to pray for this ministry, validate the ministry, and support it.

Why Wyld Life?

As one student put it…

“Young Life is the sacred place that every human being desires but usually can’t find. It’s a place where imperfect people meet and put their hearts on the table and trust that no one will smash them. It’s a place where you can come, let go of everything outside that’s going on, and leave in a better mood than when you came in. It’s a place where Awesome things happen.”

What Wyld Life provides?  Did you ever wish there was someone who knew what you were going through during adolescence?  Well, Wyld Life provides LEADERS who know how to walk with kids through these difficult years, plus:

  • An inclusive environment for kids and leaders to simply have a great time and get to really know each other.  So, COMMUNITY!
  • Leaders who know how to be there.  Our leaders are trained to build relationships with the school, parents, and kids.  That means they know how to listen and care for what’s really going on below the surface of kids. So, RELATIONSHIPS!
  • A place for un-churched kids and churched kids to come together and explore the question: Who is Jesus Christ? So, a BRIDGE between the church and un-churched kids.

And so much more!

If you are a parent, faculty member, or church-leader in the Schmucker community, you are invited to an informational meeting on Monday, August 19th, at Brad & Amy Sytsma’s at 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP at ylbrads@gmail.com.

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