Praises & Prayer Requests | June 24, 2013


Here are our praises and prayer requests…

  • We are so grateful that our kids and leaders had a safe trip to Saranac in New York.  Pray for them to have the best week of their lives.  Pray specifically for Gwen DeHorn, Katie Finley, Caitlyn Kalscheur, Joey Leonard, and Anthony Sanchez as they share Jesus with kids this week.  Pray also for safe travel back on Saturday.
  • Lisa Nagle, one of our newest Committe Members, is an Adult Guest at Saranac this week. Pray for her time as well.
  • Tonight (June 24th), Amy and Brad Sytsma are hosting an informational meeting to explore beginning Wyld Life at Schmucker Middle School.  Please pray for this meeting.  The meeting will go from 6:30-7:30 PM.
  • The Sytsma’s will be heading for Castaway, a Young Life Camp in Minnesota, for their Summer Camp Assignment this week.  Brad will be the Camp Speaker from June 28-July 22.  Please pray for the Lord to speak through Brad and for safe travel.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership in our mission to share Christ with kids in Michiana!

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