Mission Community At The Bus

Young Life is a Mission that happens as a Community.  One of my favorite things about our mission is seeing different people, of different ages, from different churches and parishes, and with different roles, working together to share the love of God with kids.  It reminds me of the community you see at the end of Acts 2 in verses 42-47.  When kids see the a Community working together like this, I believe they see the body of Christ.

On June 22nd, at 11:00 PM, 25 kids and five leaders boarded a bus to YL’s Saranac Village in New York.  But they were not alone.  Our Boosters were present and brought enough water and snack for the travelers.  After working hard to raise money to keep the cost of the trip lower, our Committee was present to see the travelers off.  Our administrator was there taking last minute payments and health forms.  And lastly, parents were there to see their kids off, entrusting them to the care of another adult for the week.

Being a part of a mission is a great thing, but being a part of a mission community is even better. We hope our efforts to work together as a mission community will give kids a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!

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