Unity In The Community | SOS 2013


This past weekend around 400 middle school and high school students gathered together with their church youth groups to serve the Michiana community through the annual event: Summer of Service (S.O.S.). They spent two full days throwing block parties, car washes, and participating in community projects, while spending three nights in the Bethel College dorms.  They were also given an opportunity to reflect on their faith in Jesus Christ and how it will “echo” in eternity.

For the second year in a row, Anthony Taylor, the River Valley Middle School Minister, former YL Staffer, and friend, asked me to help him with a skit for S.O.S.  We were superheroes called TNT who were “dabomb.com.”  We had the opportunity to make kids laugh and remind them of the joy we have in Christ.

What a privilege it was for me to serve with Anthony and several other youth ministers this past week.  I was glad to see some of the church kids who are a part of our ministry serving with their local churches. Young Life is/was never  meant to replace the Church, but to be a bridge to kids who are disinterested in the person of Jesus Christ.  Once again, this was a great opportunity to serve multiple churches in the community with the skit experience I have gained over the years with Young Life.

One last note.  The S.O.S. weekend is the best thing I’ve ever seen church youth groups do together. Rarely, if ever, have I seen youth groups working together and serving their immediate community.  I’m used to seeing youth groups work independently of one another and serve a community far, far away.

So, thank you to all the churches who came together and served our community this past weekend at S.O.S. 2013!


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