The Young Life Catholic Summit – My Takeaway


On May 20th, I boarded a plane to Colorado for a 24 hour meeting entitled, the Young Life Catholic Summit.  Around 17 Protestants and Catholics from the Young Life ranks gathered to discuss the ecumenical state of our mission.  We explored questions like:

  • What does Young Life’s relationship with Catholics currently look like?
  • How does the relationship need to improve?
  • What can we do to improve this relationship?

Young Life began a position in the past year to address this and Michael Havercamp is taking the lead!  I will defer you to his post for more details: YLCatholicSummit.

My takeaway…

Young Life exists to reach disinterested kids, but we often catch kids who are falling through the cracks of their churches and parishes.  With that said, we have a great opportunity to re-connect kids and work with their churches and parishes for the sake of re-connecting them and opening up important lines of communication.

The Young Life Catholic Summit gave me renewed energy to continue to work with Pastors, Priests, and other church leaders in the Michiana community for the sake of connecting kids to the body of Christ!

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