Praises and Prayers – 4/15/2013


  • Praise for our Committee Recruitment times.  Seven (represented) couples gave us an opportunity to share what’s happening with YL in Michiana.  We are hoping to double the size of our Committee.  Currently we have 6 members and need to increase to 10-12.
  • Praise for a great time of fellowship with our leaders on Friday night.  13 leaders brought 5 friends and were supported by 4 booster couples.

Pray for…

  • Club and Campaigners tonight at Adams, Clay, West Wyld Life.\
  • College Fellowship on Wednesday at Notre Dame.
  • 44 Camp Spots to be filled (Adams – 18, Clay – 12, and West Wyld Life – 14).
  • Our Camp fundraising efforts – Let us know if you can help!
  • More leaders from Bethel College and in general.
  • Potential Committee Members who are considering a call to YL Michiana.
  • Continued financial health.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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