Prayer Requests 3/4/2013

Please Pray for Young Life in Michiana this week!

Pray for Adams High YL

  • Pray for Campaigners on Monday Night & Bagel Club on Thursday Morning
  • Pray for their new leaders: Cooper Cohen & Caitlyn Whelan
  • Pray for a new location for Bagel Club in the Fall
  • Pray for camp sign-ups!

Pray for Clay High YL

  • Pray for Campaigners on Monday, Camp Sign-ups, and visits to the school
  • Most leaders have mid-terms this week…so pray for their busy week!
  • Pray for integration of new leaders: Katie Heussman, Ryan Corder, and Eric Carlson.
  • Pray for their first Breakfast event on Wednesday!

Pray for Mishawaka

  • Pray for the Booster Team as they continue to work towards rebuilding our ministry at Mishawaka High

Pray for College Fellowship at Notre Dame

  • Students to get excited to serve at TWL after exam week with Robby and Katie
  • Pray For folks who are on the fence about leadership to come to the weekend in Chicago April 12-14
  • For our 5 newly placed leaders! Kateyln and Cooper at Adams and Katie, Ryanne and Erik at Clay!
  • For one other Dome Life student who went through training but was not placed. In gratitude for her maturity in accepting the decision, for her eventual placement on a team and for her family as they mourn the loss of her grandfather last weekend
  • For a replacement for Katie Callaghan as a leader for next year
  • For Robby and Katie as the work on prayer strategy and composing a mission & vision statement

Pray for West Wyld Life

  • Pray for Club Tonight!
  • Pray for connections with community pastors & prayer support
  • Pray for camp sign-ups

Pray for Committee

  • Pray for future Grant conversations with foundations.
  • Adding additional members including a Prayer Coordinator.

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