Pray For Us – 1/14/2013

prayerArea-Wide: Pray for our Team Leader meeting on Tuesday at 5:00…this is a new structure for us.  Pray for our All-Area Fellowship on Friday, the 18th.  Pray for our Committee as we also are going through some transition.

Adams: Pray for Adams leaders, many who are returning back from break.  Pray for the planning they will be doing this week!

Clay: Pray for leaders and kids as school starts up again.  More specifically, for the retreat Grant and Katie are leading this weekend for the leaders.

College Fellowship at Notre Dame: Pray for folks interested in leadership and for renewed relationships.  Pray for Katie and Robby as they work to connect with students this week.  This is Katie’s last semester before moving on to Med School — Pray for a successor to enter the picture.  Pray for opportunities to connect with their college friends…for wisdom in preparing for training, study, and one-on-ones.  Pray for God to stir up students to lead.

Mishawaka: Pray for our Mishawaka Booster Group who is working on rebuilding ministry at Mishawaka High.  Pray for the Lord to raise up leaders!

West Wyld Life: Pray for their planning meeting tonight.  Pray that the leaders would connect with kids, be energized to do contact work, and have renewed energy.

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