Prayer Requests | October 15, 2012

Please pray for our ministry in Michiana: South Bend, Mishawaka, and Granger.

Pray for:

  • We are in need of having a greater presence at Bethel College for the sake of future leaders to kids.  Today, I have the opportunity of filling in for a professor.  I will be teaching a Youth Ministry Class today focusing on the topic of listening.  Please pray for me at 2:00.
  • Pray for West Side Wyld Life’s Club tonight!
  • Pray for Adam’s Campaigners tonight!
  • Pray for Notre Dame Students who are on Fall Break this week!
  • Pray for Adam’s Bagel Club on Thursday!
  • Pray for our Committee as we prepare for our Banquet on November 1st.  Mike “Ash” Ashburn will be our keynote speaker.  Pray we will have the opportunity to share our ministry with 200 guests!
  • Please begin praying for our Summer Camp Trips.  We have 78 spots (up almost 40 spots from 2012).  Pray for the Lord to work out many details.  It’s going to take God’s providence and power to pull this off.

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