Prayer Requests for YLMichiana | 9/19/2012

  • Dome Life Tonight! (College Fellowship at Notre Dame).  Pray for Robby & Katie as they lead Notre Dame students in bible study and fellowship.
  • Adam’s Bagel Breakfast on Thursday morning.  They had over 20 kids join them last week.  Pray for them as they introduce kids to Jesus Christ.
  • Friday Fellowship (Leadership) at the Sytsma’s on Friday night.  We are going to give each team a gift of getting to know each other better.  Pray for a solid partnership on every team.
  • West Side Wyld Life is continuing to plan their year this Monday.  Pray for them as they plan to reach middle school kids on the west side of South Bend.
  • Clay & Mishwawaka continue to help kids grow in their faith on Monday nights.  Pray for these kids who are showing up to catch a vision for impacting the lives of their friends.
  • Pray for our Booster teams as they continue to grow and learn about their roles in supporting their leaders.

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